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Where to begin?

A life long truth seeker, I traveled the world seeking answers to life's greatest questions, learning to find balance through my own health and wellness challenges, connecting with soul mates & finding my tribe, along the way.


Evoking and awakening collective consciousness

I'm on a life long mission to cultivate a conscious global community and support others on their healing journey.

I'm constantly in the development faze, creating a lifestyle platform to offer online courses in yoga and wellness that are affordable and accessible to all.  Think of it as a one stop (conscious) lifestyle shop and the making.

Most of all, I believe we are on this journey to learn how to perfect our loving.

Let's create a happier, healthier, more sustainable world, together.



  One where all beings live their truth.  Showing up as their authentic selves each step of the way.

Where we treat one another with kindness, compassion and consideration, as though we are all connected, because we are one, after all.

Where all beings live in prosperity,  knowing that abundance is our birthright.

A world where we learn to embody and perfect our loving.

Set yourself free.  It often won’t be ea
Image by Taneli Lahtinen



There is no one-size-fits-all approach to health or life. 


I'm a believer in utilizing a 360 degree perspective, peeling back the layers, looking deep within & uncovering the root causes of suffering.  It's like a treasure hunt where truth, love, joy and gratitude are the prizes. 


As we discover where we need nourishment, recognize our blockages, and learn to let go of what no longer serves us, we come closer home to our natural state of harmony. 


Healthy isn't about perfection it's about direction.  A journey as is life.  It's not about goals, rather a way of living in alignment with our own unique body, mind and soul.  As we change the way we think, breath, move and live, we will see results.  No diets, no restrictions.  Just living better.

 I use a wide variety of knowledge and practices to help guide, teach and coach others to live the life they were meant for.  I began practicing yoga 17 years ago and spent nearly a decade soaking up all I could in the realm of the healing arts.  These experiences have gifted me numerous tools for my toolbox (think Marry Poppins of wellness).  I'm a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, trained to teach a variety of yoga styles, as well as practices such as meditation, visualization, reiki, ayurveda, astrology and more.


The time has come to support and share these nuggets of wisdom via virtual courses, classes, coaching and so much more to come!  Get on the mailing list and look out for widsom and future offerings as they develop.




Let's honor and respect the planet that sustains us.


We are all connected


For people and the planet

Forest Trees
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